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Bringing people together who want to help but dont know how or what to do. Adopt an Addict with HART is bringing people into sponsorship with addicts to help them to be able to get health insurance, support, help, and new family relationships. Walk our children through treatment and build a lasting relationship. Mail and a person to reach out to when you have a need to talk is so important let alone knowing someone out there really cares and wants you to get well. Money donations are being accepted along with  loving people who will reach out.
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Ever think about adopting someone who desperately needs you? There are 1000s of people entering the journey of recovery and would love to have someone who cares to be there to support them and encourage them as they walk that scary path to treatment usually all alone in this world. Wont you give just a little of your time for that person and be on the other end of that phone when they are able to make a call just to hear someone say "how are you?" and really be interested in how they really are? Part of recovery is learning to love and be loved. Our kids all need that. If you are willing to give of yourself to someone who needs you, let us know.

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HART= Helping Addicts Recover Today. We are an outreach organization who helps people all over the country to find and get treatment for substance abuse addiction, with and without insurance. We believe everyone deserves to get help.

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Adopt an Addict with HART